The original open space, designed in accordance with the Japanese methodology "ikigai", encourages us to place our passion in the center, giving meaning to our life, to create welcoming spaces filled with energy where natural materials, the use of light or the choice of furniture invite visitors to develop fully. Roca’s participation combined sustainable design and functionality by means of products like the self-closing Sprint faucets, the Meridian WC or the innovative W+W solution, which combines basin and WC reusing the water from the basin for the cistern flush. The practical Hotel’s accessories were also selected, as well as different technologies and layouts to make the most of the space, such as the In-Wall frame or the Minimal trap. In adapted restrooms, the solutions for people with reduced mobility included Victoria Pro faucets, the Luna tilting mirror or the Access collection. A space conceived for the community, for wellbeing and learning requires durable, sustainable and reliable technologies that go beyond design and address a commitment to the environment. The choice of innovative and efficient solutions, with the W+W WC and basin leading the way, sealed the commitment of the project to the responsible use of resources, while all other technologies and complements ensured space optimization and the durability of the products in a highly-transited project with intensive use.

City: Barcelona

Country: Spain

Architect: David Pou & Solange Espoille

Category: Business centres

Year: 2019

Discover the collections used in this project


One single concept for a thousand solutions. One single concept to fulfil any need. The most versatile and global range.


A collection aimed at groups with reduced mobility who seek ergonomic, versatile and sophisticated solutions for the bathroom space. Quality, functionality and design at the service of wellness, comfort and convenience for all needs.


This collection is a versatile, young and urban proposal that fits any kind of space, combining practicality, elegance and design.


A traditional response to classic atmospheres. Elegant and functional curves in an extensive collection of pieces that combine simplicity and versatility, offering the convenience of well-tried solutions.


An alliance between simplicity, style and functionality. This collection has been designed to adapt to any space and requirement. Inspired by minimalist forms, it is characterised by its great versatility. It is a solution thought of for both small and large design projects, whether public or private.


Systems that combine efficiency and technology to deliver the best performance.


Innovation and technology join forces to the benefit of sustainable progress. This concept is synonymous with saving water and optimising space. Its innovative system filters the wash-basin water so it can be reused in the toilet. A unique, distinct and original design that brings elegance and sustainability to the bathroom. This product's innovative technology is totally sustainable.


A range of accessories created to adorn with luxury and sophistication down to the last detail. In this collection, design, features and benefits all join forces to offer solutions of great quality and elegance, where comfort and convenience blend into each one of the finishes.

Other projects

Open offices, sustainable technologies, automation solutions, recreational areas, gym… The Buenos Aires office is the perfect example of the new corporate culture, which brings the real thing, the spirit of the brand, to the working spaces of 21st century society. In its particular dialogue with the buildings in the Saavedra neighborhood, the modern project by MSGSSS Arquitectos selected the original shapes of Hall for the WCs and urinals in its bathroom spaces. As for faucets, the basin solutions of the L20 collection feature the Cold Start technology, while the showers in the gym were equipped with Instant timers, proof of the commitment to energy efficiency. Finally, the accessories and grab rails of the Access collection completed the ensemble providing maximum safety in the bathroom to people with reduced mobility. In a building that is a standard for sustainability, Roca’s technologies for saving water and energy provided efficient solutions for the bathroom and shower spaces that, thanks to our commitment to design, are also extremely functional and modern.

Concordia Design Wrocław is a modern center of creativity and business, in which there are coworking spaces, an event space, a great restaurant and the most beautiful roof terrace in the city with a view of the wonderful surroundings - Słodowa Island in Wrocław. The project was to renovate and extend a 19th century historic building, preserving the facade of the existing building and adding a contemporary extension to create a focal point for the adjacent park and a destination that will enhance the island visitor experience. Concordia Design Wrocław won ArchDaily Building of the Year 2021 Award - in OFFICES Category