One Day Design Challenge

International design competition organised by Roca in more than 15 countries, in which participants only have one day to create original solutions and innovative concepts related to the bathroom. 


jumpthegap® is an international design competition organised by Roca since 2004, in which young design and architecture students and professionals propose new sustainable concepts for the bathroom space of the future.

Innovation from the product conception and design to its production, logistics and distribution


Roca collaborates with internationally acclaimed designers to develop its products. 

Manufacturing processes

Discover the production processes we use in our factories to develop our products.

A culture of innovation

Experience-driven innovation is engrained in Roca’s DNA. Coordinated by the Global Innovation Hub in Barcelona, innovation is a transversal function across the Group, with a scope covering product, process and business.

Sustainable technologies

Our commitment to the environment has allowed us to develop solutions for saving water and energy.