Functional, resistant, trendy… Roca bathroom cabinets have been conceived to adapt to different lifestyles and storage needs.

There comes a time in life when decisions need to be made. No excuses, no half measures. A time to put everything in place and find the perfect spot for everything. Roca bathroom cabinets are there for you when you require order, safety, comfort… Because we have provided people with assistance in the design of their bathroom spaces for more than one hundred years, today we present our extensive portfolio with the guarantee and trust of someone who aims to be a partner in your everyday life. Modern or classic, large or compact, there are as many bathroom vanities as users or ways of understanding the world. As a tidy house starts with a tidy bathroom, we invite you on a journey to discover the possibilities of an essential piece of furniture. Care to join us?


Manufactured with high-quality resistant materials, Roca bathroom vanities offer durable solutions for different needs: configurable, with basin, column units, countertops… Regardless of your routine or the number of people using the bathroom, we have the perfect furniture unit for you.

Vanity units

Vanity units define the style of the bathroom and allow users to make the most of the available space under the basin. Whether you require a simple cabinet to store objects or a configuration that allows you to sort out your things, you will always be able to complement it with practical optional elements such as a towel rail and, depending on the model you choose, you can also have the option of deciding the position of the bowl: in the middle or at one of the ends of the countertop.

If you prefer the basin to take up the entire upper surface, you should opt for a Unik base unit. This type of configuration is made up of a base unit and a fully integrated basin. Some of the Roca collections and models that offer this type of design are Beyond, Stratum, Carmen, Inspira or The Gap, a sample of the wide array of styles to choose from.

If you like a basin that stands out and takes a prominent space, the perfect option is a bathroom cabinet for an over countertop basin. Whether you choose a round, square or oval basin, your bathroom will be filled with personality because all eyes will focus on the design and shape of this element distinguishing it from the rest.

Another option is to choose an in countertop basin. Here the basin does not stand out as much, just a few centimeters over the cabinet. There are in countertop basins in Roca’s catalogue, both in the traditional vitreous china or in Fineceramic®, the extremely fine and resistant 100% ceramic material some of the models of the Beyond and Inspira collections are manufactured in.

The range of Roca bathroom vanities is so wide that you will not have to disregard this practical. configuration if you have a small bathroom. Options such as Mini, only 450 mm wide, perfectly fit into reduced spaces and allow you to increase your storage capacity even in the most compact bathrooms.

On the other hand, if you have enough space and you need your bathroom to perfectly adapt to a couple or a large family, collections such as Beyond, Stratum, Victoria, Prisma, Debba or The Gap allow you to choose two-bowl configurations to provide space for everyone.

Auxiliary units

Auxiliary units increase the storage capacity of any space. Auxiliary units with castors allow you to move them freely while the fixed ones are ideal to make the most of every corner of the bathroom. They are the ideal complement in those homes in which the bathroom cabinet has become too small and they can also be the main storage system if you have chosen a wall-hung basin or a countertop.

Bathroom countertops

Bathroom countertops are a light and modern alternative, ideal for reduced spaces or for larger ones seeking to create a feeling of openness. As with bathroom vanities, with this option you can choose the configuration of the basin (in countertop, over countertop or under countertop) and also its position.

Bathroom column units

Bathroom column units round out tidiness by adding a storage zone in the shape of a vertical cupboard. This practical unit allows users to store larger items such as towels or to reserve one shelf for every family member. Collections such as Beyond, Stratum, Prisma or Carmen feature these column units to complete the collections.


Cabinet mirrors for bathrooms

The cabinet mirror for bathroom is one of those complements that will never go out of fashion, as it increases the storage capacity of small spaces or even works as a furniture unit if there is no space to install another one. Equipped with height-adjustable shelfs, Roca cabinet mirrors are the ideal solution to store small-sized objects in small bathrooms or guest bathrooms.

With a compact spirit, the Mini collection has a cabinet mirror with a width of 450 mm and a depth of 140 mm that allows you to store small items you need to have close at hand. In different configurations and finishes, the Luna mirror collection also has a cabinet mirror – which can be complemented in some models with magnifying mirrors for enhanced accuracy.


Perfectionist, creative, sober or irresistibly classic. Each person is unique, with a unique lifestyle and at Roca we know that our bathroom space is also where we imprint our personality. For this reason, we work to develop very diverse collections and products conceived to fit in with different characters.

Classic bathroom cabinets

Those who prefer wood, classic lines or timeless details will find their perfect bathroom cabinet by choosing a vintage style that will always be fashionable. Classic bathroom vanities allow you to conceive spaces where time seems to have stopped but offer the latest innovation in design and materials.

The Carmen collection is an example of how the classic style of a bathroom vanity can be combined with state-of-the-art features. In a white or black version, its furniture proposal brings together such charismatic details as a veined marble countertop and extremely practical elements such as the column unit with internal lighting, soft-close drawers or a space-saving syphon.

Modern bathroom cabinets

Cutting-edge materials are key elements for those who assume modernity as their lifestyle. These are people that value design but also aim to have a functional and welcoming bathroom. The Beyond collection includes a large bathroom cabinet with a width of up to 1000 mm and, ideal for those who wish to take a step further in storage capacity and experiment with innovative shapes, textures and materials. The Beyond bathroom cabinets offer the option of including a basin manufactured in Fineceramic® or Surfex® in any of its different shapes and configurations. A highly durable ceramic material, Fineceramic® allows you to obtain delicate extra-fine basins, with a thickness of only 5 mm and 40% more resistance. Surfex®, on the other hand, is a compound of minerals and resins that enables the creation of unique uniform and joint-free surfaces, very pleasant to the touch.

Minimalistic bathroom cabinets

The premise of minimalism is to focus on the essential. For this reason, choosing this style does not imply ending up with empty spaces, but having objects that highlight what is really indispensable. Inspira is Roca’s collection of minimalistic bathroom cabinets. Its simple shapes and multiple possibilities and finishes –Gloss White, Textured City Oak and City Oak with a Dark Mirror front- present an elegant style that is able to adapt to any atmosphere. To round out the ensemble, the Inspira bathroom vanities invite you to choose from three Fineceramic basin versions -Round, Soft (with soft angles) and Square-, so that you can subtly highlight your style and personality.

Rustic bathroom cabinets

Rustic bathroom cabinets are inspired by tradition and natural materials to decorate timeless bathroom spaces. With its unique elegance, Carmen is capable of providing warmth and charismatic details in combination with maximum performance.


You cannot compare a bathroom for two with a guest bathroom. For this reason, at Roca there are different options of bathroom cabinets to suit the needs of consumers. Choose the best option from our extensive catalogue without compromising your style and opt for those small functional details that make a difference.

Bathroom cabinets with great storage capacity

If you think that all interiors need to keep an order and a structure, the furniture units of the Prisma collection will be your first option. In them, the concept of smart storage makes sense thanks to its internal dividers that adapt to the storage need you require. And in addition to all this, it features a concealed drawer that allows to keep the smallest objects.

Bathroom cabinets to improve order

If you think that all interiors need to keep an order and a structure, the furniture units of the Prisma collection will be your first option. In them, the concept of smart storage makes sense thanks to its internal dividers that adapt to the storage need you require. And in addition to all this, it features a concealed drawer that allows to keep the smallest objects.

Bathroom cabinets with technology

Tech freaks find the ideal bathroom cabinet in Stratum thanks to its integrated socket and Bluetooth® speakers. Moreover, Stratum is innovation and comfort in the bathroom as it has been conceived to make your life easier with such practical details as the internal LED lighting.


There are details that make a great difference. Configurations that increase space or complements that add a touch of design to every atmosphere. Just as the shape, finishes or dimensions are paramount when deciding the purchase of a bathroom cabinet, the type of installation is also important to define the layout of other elements within the bathroom space. In order to choose what suits you the most, at Roca we work with versatile products that allow different installation options.

Wall-hung bathroom cabinets

Wall-hung bathroom cabinets free up space on the floor and allow for greater freedom of movement, while making cleaning easier and generating a feeling of spaciousness that is ideal for small or guest bathrooms.


When we talk about functionality in bathroom cabinets, we are referring to their size, resistance and durability as well as to how easy it is to find objects and the flexibility to organize the inside of drawers to suit our needs.

Soft close

In bathroom vanities, the soft close system allows drawers to silently return to their position, avoiding any impacts when closing. Thus, the furniture unit will last longer regardless of the frequency or intensity of use.

Divisions in different sizes

Because brushes do not take up the same space as creams and because we have containers in different sizes, the internal divisions of the drawers in a bathroom cabinet need to have different dimensions so that we know exactly where we have placed every single item.

Concealed drawers

Concealed drawers are secretly integrated in the design of the bathroom vanity and allow us to store valuable objects that we do not wish to leave in sight. The Prisma bathroom cabinet features this practical complement that optimizes even more the internal order of drawers without wasting any space.

Space-saving siphon

Many collections of Roca bathroom cabinets include this special right-angle siphon that saves space and allows for greater storage capacity. With this system it is not necessary to cut out drawers and the whole interior of the furniture unit can be used.

Side or front towel rail

A bathroom cabinet is useful not only for its storage capacity. When there is the option of adding a side or front towel rail to it, we gain practicality and free up space on the bathroom wall.

Reduced depth

If we are facing a project to equip a small bathroom, it is highly probable that the bathroom furniture units with a reduced depth end up being our greatest allies. The Debba and Mini collections have a reduced depth, very practical when you have limited space.

As you can see, an everyday object such as a bathroom cabinet can reinvent itself and be improved as many times as necessary. Because at Roca we know that a bathroom vanity can be a basic element in our daily lifestyle, we constantly innovate to offer solutions that meet every need and adapt to the new times.