The Ultimate Smart Toilet

Technology and nature acting as one

At Roca, technology takes its inspiration from the laws and principles of nature and how they can maximize comfort and hygiene. This is why the perfect balance between avant-garde materials and the most innovative functionalities define the heart and soul of our most advanced product yet. The new In-Wash® Insignia with Roca Connect app.



Ultimate experience features

Soft Front Wash and Rear Wash with Multi-Stream

Washing sprays to suit individual preferences. The next level of cleaning efficiency that responds to every need. This is why In-Wash® Insignia offers new technology for rear and front washing. Soft Front Wash: spraying water from nine different sources for gentle washing. Rear Wash with Multi-Stream: allows selection between three different rear wash modes to suit every preference. Options for both can be configured to the last detail and easily saved through the app.

Coanda Effect

State-of-the-art drying. Performance is brought to drying by making the most of Coanda effect, in which fluids tend to follow the surfaces. This principle was a source of inspiration in the design of the nozzle, which directs air to the precise point where it is needed. Now air can be directed to a specific area for peak drying performance under any power level.


The signature innovation by Roca. In-Wash® Insignia features the In-Tank® technology, a signature innovation by Roca, where the water tank is integrated in the bowl. In-Tank® maximises available space, unifying aesthetics and practicality in the bathroom.


The connected toilet experience. The In-Wash® Insignia mobile app is the bridge between the toilet and the possibilities of IoT and connectivity. Conceived as a user-friendly extension of the remote control it will allow you to adjust the settings and duration of every process, schedule and program daily operations as well as maintenance and cleaning. A new dimension of comfort an peace of mind. On top, Roca Connect IoT service monitors water consumption and issues warnings, alerts and saving insights thanks to integrated systems in In-Wash® Insignia.

Integrated Control Panel

Lateral panel on both sides with basic functions.

Remote Control

Remote control for main functions and settings in a user-friendly design.

App / Roca Connect

Control and configure all the smart toilet functions through the smartpone app. Available for iOS and Android and connected to Roca Connect.

Self-cleaning Nozzle with UV Light

Applying water before and after every use and complementing it with UV light, In-Wash ® Insignia achieves the removal of 99,99% of bacteria.

Hygiene Flush

Another signature feature by Roca, which enables thorough cleaning and subtle aromatization thanks to a freshening dose released with every flush.

Autofunctions / Presence sensor

Our complete presence sensor allows automation of multiple functions such as opening and closing of the lid and seat, as well as a night light, flush and deodorizer. All these features are easily configurable through the app.

Night light

Night light autofunction (on/off) available in the light configurations through the app.

Automatic flush

Automatic full or half flush. A pre-flush when the user is approaching is also possible to configure.

Automatic opening and closing of the lid and seat

The presence sensor allows to open and close automatically the seat and the lid avoiding touch for a great hygiene and comfort. This functionality can be easily configured through the app.


Heated Seat

An optimal experience starts with carefully balanced warmth in the seat.

Quick release of the seat

Easily removable to simplify cleaning.

Roca Rimless® Vortex

A bowl specially designed to optimize water flow, flush performance and cleaning.

Supralit ®

Low-porosity and special treatment for the lid and seat developed by Roca. Eliminates germs and bacteria.

Supraglaze ®

An exclusive Roca glazing which guarantees even greater hygiene as any dirt particles and bacteria are more easily removed.


A system with an active carbon filter ensures odour removal with a high performance. Can be automated as an autofunction and also configurable through the app.


An easy to use descaling process to ensure the long-term performance.

Easy installation

Wall-hung and floorstanding versions.

In-Wash® Insignia consumables


Gel solution for Smart toilets

Descaling agents

Box with 3 sachets

Carbon filter

In-Wash® Insignia awards received

iF Design Award

In-Wash® Insignia Smart Toilet has been awarded with an iF Design Award, a world-renowned design prize with a 75-member jury made up of independent experts from all over the world. 5.426 entries were submitted from 49 countries in hopes of receiving the seal of quality.