With the new Rimless models, Roca provides the key to cleaning the bathroom in an easy and comfortable manner.

If hygiene in the bathroom is synonymous with wellbeing and health, finding what makes cleaning the toilet easier also contributes to making our home a safer place for us and our loved ones. In the last few decades, different technologies have contributed to making this task easier with more powerful and efficient flushing systems and nowadays, design steps in to provide an even more practical and functional experience.

As the rim of the bowl is eliminated, the internal walls of the Roca Rimless toilets are fully uniform to facilitate a quicker, simpler and deeper cleaning.


To ensure that our WC is completely clean, some Roca toilets are Rimless, featuring a bowl with no internal rim. Thus, the channel through which water used to flow disappears giving way to smooth internal and uniform walls, with no nooks or angles where dirt might build up. This new design makes cleaning simpler as wiping the bowl with a cleaning cloth is enough to keep the toilet clean and prevent lime and bacteria from building up.


To make sure that the innovative Rimless design does not interfere with an efficient water flush, the latest generation of Roca toilets propels water with greater force, so that it reaches the entire surface of the bowl in a homogeneous and accurate manner, even exceeding European Union standards. Moreover, Rimless toilets have a slight rim in the upper part to avoid splashing, preventing water from flowing over the limits of the vitreous china.

With the Rimless models you will gain health, safety and hygiene for everyone at home. As cleaning the toilet is very simple, the contact with the inside of the bowl is minimum and the force of the flush now plays an essential role.