REF: A804007003

L-series Premium Square with side panel or remote control

430 x 493 x 155 mm
(length, width, height)


Cleaning function

Control panel: Remote control

Hot water cleaning

Number of nozzles: 1

Personalised programmes

Removable seat and cover

Seat temperature control

Smart Toilet type: Multiclean ®

Water temperature control

Drying function

Pulsating cleaning

Heatable seat

Self-cleaning nozzle

Water intensity control

Antibacterial material

Anal cleaning

Perineal cleaning

SoftClose® system

Deodorizing function

Courtesy light

Air temperature control

Oscillating cleaning

Nozzle position adjustment


The most practical solution for private hygiene, combining toilet and bidet into one single product with many added functions. A new generation of advanced solutions where technology is serving the most demanding requirements.