Roca Touchless solutions: faucets with presence sensor and other innovations that will improve hygiene in your bathroom

Discover a range of products designed to prevent hand contact and protect the entire family’s health.

As we aim at total safety in the bathroom, at Roca we have developed different ranges of faucets with presence sensor and other Touchless solutions that eliminate hand contact and ensure maximum hygiene. If you thought this innovation level could not be applied to your home, be prepared to open your bathroom to a new way of understanding safety and hygiene. Roca Touchless products include faucets with sensor presence, or mirrors with light that activate with a simple gesture. Innovative and practical devices that protect us from the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

Faucet with presence sensor

Installing a faucet with presence sensor will allow you to activate the water flow with a simple hand movement and without touching it, and the flow will automatically stop when no presence is detected. A hygienic solution that, in addition to preventing contact with possible harmful microorganisms on surfaces, also reduces the unnecessary waste of water.

Mains or battery operated, the L20 electronic faucet offers a curved design with a spout of 151 mm, installed on the deck of the basin.To use it, simply bring your hands close to the sensor built into the base of the tap and the water flow will be automatically activated.

The L90 electronic faucet, ideal for industrial-style bathrooms, provides a design of straight lines to be installed on the deck of the basin. This faucet with sensor has two models to choose from: a mixer that integrates a small side handle to adjust the temperature and another one without lever and premixed water at a temperature that can be adjusted during installation.

Mirror with motion sensor

A mirror that lights up without any physical contact makes any grooming routine much easier. Simply by moving your hand underneath, the motion sensors in the Prisma confort mirror activate the upper LED light and the lower ambient light.  Thanks to another sensor, you can also activate the demister device and avoid the hassle of wiping the mirror after showering, ensuring it always looks spotless.

As technology at home is a partner for hygiene and health, much more than just a complement, Roca’s Touchless solutions are here to stay and bring total safety to our grooming routines.