Rimless toilets, when design helps us clean

At Roca, our latest technology in the design of toilets is based on creating more refined and hygienic shapes that make cleaning easier.

For the first time, in the new Rimless models, the flushed water does not flow inside the rim simply because there is no rim, we have eliminated it. Why? Discover it.

Easy to clean

Until now, in traditional toilets water flowed through a channel before flushing inside the bowl. That channel, called rim, does no longer exist in the new Roca models. The reason for this is very simple: we wish to eliminate any obstacles that make cleaning more difficult. In this way, in the last generation of Roca toilets we avoid any angles or nooks where dirt might accumulate, allowing a more comfortable cleaning.

Toilet with Rimless techonology by Roca

Homogeneous water distribution

We have developed a new water distributor for these models that, apart from flushing the water with more force than before, also distributes it in a more homogeneous way inside the bowl.

Toilet with Rimless techonology by Roca

A larger clean surface

And that is not all. The slight ridge we have added to the upper part of the bowl enables the water to reach much higher, cleaning the entire surface, exceeding by far the European Union standards. A design that also prevents the water from exceeding the limits of the vitreous china, thus avoiding any splashes.

Toilet with Rimless techonology by Roca