A tribute to the most private room in any home with bathroom design ideas to meet every need.

The bathroom is that place where you find yourself, where you show your true self, natural, without filters. It is that place where you establish the rules, where you shape the world that surrounds you. It encompasses the vanity where you reactivate every morning and the space where you disconnect at the end of the day, where the most intimate confidences and your magical moments with your loved ones intertwine.

At Roca we are perfectly aware that your bathroom space does not always have the same function. Sometimes it can become a haven, other times a playroom, it can be a place for two or your best kept secret. As we know that the bathroom is a great partner of your everyday life, we work to offer solutions tailored to your lifestyle and personality, from the most innovative designs to state-of-the-art technology at the service of wellbeing.

Dare to shape a comfort space that adapts to your different needs, a place where you are the one and only center of attention. Welcome to Roca, welcome to My Bathroom.

My ShowRoom

Your vanity is where you choose the perfect touch, that final detail that will make you dazzle. You try all the options in your closet over and over again and cannot decide which one fits best.

Like silent witnesses of your hesitation in front of the mirror, let the original Inspira basins with their slim Round, Soft and Square silhouettes keep you company. The modern Beyond furniture units can be combined with the basins in Fineceramic® or manufactured in the striking mineral texture of Surfex®, while Heima offers solutions with almost ten different basins, so that you can adapt them to the style you are searching for.

Round out the configuration of your vanity with faucet proposals that are both charismatic and efficient: be captivated by the sophisticated Insignia, choose the clean geometric lines of Escuadra or opt for the organic singularity of L90; three basin faucets, three ways of standing out in which you will have the last say.

My MagicRoom

Technology at the service of magic. See how accessing the comprehensive and customized hygiene of Roca’s toilets is a real child’s play. All this thanks to the intuitive use of the In-Wash® smart WC and the Multiclean® toilet seat and cover.


In the simplest way possible, you will be able to replace your WC cover with Multiclean®. Featuring washing and cleaning functions, each member of the family will be able to adjust not only the intensity of the cleaning but also the temperature of the water and air, using a remote control or a practical side panel.

If the modern Multiclean® seat and cover for WC will leave the little ones speechless, imagine what may happen if you install the revolutionary In-Wash®Alba. With three possible finishes —Silver Grey, Golden and Black—, you will not only be amazed by the option of fully customizing the WC hygiene functions, but also by features as comfortable as the automatic closing and opening of the cover or the possibility of adjusting the temperature of the seat. All this within your grasp in the easiest and most technological way possible, as you will be able to operate this intelligent WC with a remote control or through a special app, available for smartphone or tablet.

My ❤ Room

Let’s stop time, let’s surrender to the pleasure of having company instead of being alone… Let’s turn the bathroom into that haven where no interruptions are allowed, where the shower area is equipped with the latest features to give free rein to comfort.


Forget your worries and be fully enveloped by water with the powerful Torrente shower-heads. If you are searching for a more comprehensive solution, be embraced by the Carmen vintage shower columns or by the modern Deck and Even thermostatic shower columns, which include a practical shelf to keep your toiletries on hand.

If you wish to take a step further, the Essential and Evolution hydromassage columns will provide you with an invigorating hydrotherapy session, to remove any tension and leave room for wellbeing.

My ChangingRoom

We are always on the move, reinventing us time after time. The bathroom space accompanies us in this constant evolution, becoming an accomplice of our wishes, of our most secret hopes.


With practical hidden drawers, the Prisma bathroom furniture units are ideal to put away valuable objects and to store those products or items that will help you renew your look whenever you feel like it. If you are a dreamer and you love vintage decoration, travel in time with the Carmen base units, elegant solutions in wood and marble with an evocative Victorian flair.

And don’t think you lose the chance to dream if you have a small bathroom…Nothing like the Mini collection to store more than you could imagine, thanks to its comprehensive pack including base unit, basin with reduced depth and a versatile and functional cabinet mirror.


Your private hideout, where you know you will have absolute silence to speak on the phone or chat until dawn. It is also that space with no rush at the end of the day, when the only things that matter are the caress of water and the soft candlelight.


With a pure oval shape, the Virginia bath combines the lightness of acrylics with the balance of its clean and pure lines. If you wish for more space to always find the perfect position, Georgia is not only a larger bath, but also offers the possibility of adding the hydromassage option to your relaxation session. Soft outlines take the lead in the Beyond bath, where you will feel protected by the soft touch of Surfex®. To round out the ensemble, you can select faucets like the built-in solutions of L90 or the deck-mounted Insignia option, inspired by nature and sophistication.

What are you waiting for? Your time has come: your bathroom and you. Surrender to all possibilities offered by a customized space. Welcome to Roca. Welcome to your Bathroom.