The world’s first urinal measuring users’ hydration levels


Roca partnership develops the Smart Urinal

The Barcelona Sants station has been given an upgrade to improve users' wellbeing. The new Smart Urinal has been installed in the Premium bathrooms of the station, thanks to a collaboration between Roca, One Hundred Restrooms (a Dutch company installing and managing public restrooms), and the Barcelona start-up  Kamleon.


The Smart Urinal, which is the first of its kind anywhere in the world, raises awareness about the importance of drinking water regularly to improve personal wellbeing and prevent illness. Dehydration affects more than half of the population and causes migraines, decreases physical performance and cognitive ability, and worsens people’s productivity and mood. It is also a risk factor in conditions such as chronic kidney disease, urinary tract disease, kidney stones and heart failure.


This innovative system non-invasively measures hydration levels via urine analysis, offering users real time results on an integrated screen. One of the advantages of the Smart Urinal is that no plastic material is needed to perform the analysis, resulting in a significant reduction of plastic waste material and, consequently, producing a positive impact on the environment. The use of this system by 100 people will save almost 3 tonnes of plastic and the equivalent of 10.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions over the course of a year. 


For Roca, this partnership is fully aligned with the company's strategy of supporting emerging talent to develop innovative and intelligent solutions. The principles of Roca’s raison d’être are health and well-being, together with respect for the environment.  


The Smart Urinal represents a pioneering new way of analysing people’s health parameters as part of everyday life. This technological advance means that mass measuring is now becoming a reality. As well as knowing their hydration levels, users will be able to check other health parameters, such as blood pressure, heart rate and even oxygen saturation in the blood. They will also be able to weigh themselves, calculate their body mass index (BMI) and measure their height.


One Hundred Restrooms is a smart bathroom concept equipped with Roca products, in which technology and data play a key role in the visitor experience. Operating in train stations, service stations and shopping centres across Europe, their mission is to ensure that each visit to the bathroom includes a few minutes of wellbeing and relaxation for the customer. With hygiene and comfort at its core, the interiors of the facilities are inspired by natural organic shapes and equipped with interactive modules, for a total wellbeing experience. Designed to generate energy savings of up to 60%, the facilities are built using sustainable materials, and are cleaned using ecological products.