Roca presents In-Wash® In-Tank®, the smart toilet with integrated cistern


The new model eliminates the visual impact of the cistern, saves space in the bathroom and makes installation and maintenance easier

In-Wash® In-Tank® is the evolution of Roca’s In-Wash® smart toilet, with the aim of adapting to all bathroom spaces. The new model has a compact design, which eliminates the cistern and integrates the water tank into the bowl.

Minimalist and user-friendly, In-Wash® In-Tank® offers the same technology and performance as In-Wash®, incorporating new advances in design, functionality and materials. It is available in floorstanding and wall-hung versions.

The integrated cistern offers greater versatility in terms of installation and saves between 10 to 20 centimeters of space, compared to the previous generation of In-Wash®.


Maximum cleanliness

To guarantee the greatest disinfection, the integrated retractable nozzle of In-Wash® In-Tank® features an automatic self-cleaning function before and after each use. Furthermore, it incorporates the Vortex technology, which allows for a more powerful flush, cleaning the entire bowl surface with a 360-degree water flow and minimum water consumption. The Rimless design, which removes the rim present in traditional WCs, also prevents the buildup of dirt on the inner edges of the bowl.

These innovations join the Soft Air technology, responsible for the controlled flow of water towards the upper section of the bowl, ensuring a full, effective and quiet flush.

Likewise, in order to hinder the buildup of dirt and allow any residue to slide right off, In-Wash® In-Tank® presents the new and exclusive Supraglaze®. This new additional layer does not replace the existing glazing but is applied over it to obtain a shiny and extremely smooth surface that is very easy to clean. Supraglaze® maintains the excellent performance of conventional glaze in terms of durability and hygiene. 


Innovation at the service of a personalized hygiene experience

Roca’s new smart toilet offers a fully personalized washing and drying experience. The remote control adjusts the water and air temperature, the position of the nozzle and the flush option (full or partial, for greater saving of water), while the side panel can activate the full flush and the basic washing and drying functions.

In-Wash® In-Tank® also integrates a sensor that activates its functions only when it detects someone sitting on the WC. Moreover, the WC features a LED light to help users find their bearings in the dark, which can be adjusted to four different modes: off, on, night mode and a combination of on and night mode.


Sustainable production process

The awareness of the need to save energy is present right from the start of the manufacturing process of Roca’s new smart toilet. The excess glaze is reused for new production batches, while the plaster of the molds is distributed to third parties for its reuse.  Furthermore, the manufacturing of electronic components has received the ISO 14001 certification, which confirms the compliance with waste management.

With the same goal of reducing waste, packaging removes the use of plastic and EPS elements, replaced by cardboard pieces that are 100% recyclable.  

In conclusion, the new In-Wash® In-Tank® features Roca’s latest innovations in hygiene, comfort and sustainability, as proof of the brand’s commitment to continuous improvement. This is a next-generation WC, which anticipates and addresses the users’ needs in terms of design, space, functionality and environmental awareness.