Roca launches new website with more intuitive design and new audience-specific content


Roca’s new multi-device website improves and simplifies its search process and offers quick and easy access to all products.

The fully updated Roca webpages now offer a site with a more intuitive design and increased functionality. With improved browsing and product search, a more accessible website has been created for all audiences, offering customised content to help customers with their everyday needs. 

Roca’s new website guarantees perfect browsability on computers, smartphones and tablets thanks to its responsive and fully adaptable design. With an exceptionally fast load time, its contents are displayed in the most convenient layout for the user’s device, adapting the menu structure and content order to make them more accessible to multi-device browsing.

With a state-of-the-art web design, products become the focus and are also more accessible. An optimised algorithm improves the direct search of words through a smart browser, while the filter system and the improvement of product classifications, makes it easier to access the different product categories and their options.

In order to provide the best user-experience and to respond more accurately to individual needs, Roca's new website organises the content in a more user-focussed way for the brand's different audiences: end users or professionals.

The new website invites users to browse and discover an extensive range of bathroom products to inspire and help find the ideal solution for your bathroom project. The website is designed to make it easy to search for a product, refine your selection, make your choice and buy through your nearest retailer.


The new Roca website has been awarded a prestigious bronze award by the Association of Art Directors and Graphic Designers within the web category of the recent ADG Laus awards.