GRIHA Certification

Roca products have been included in the GRIHA Product Catalogue

“Roca Bathroom Products Private Limited" have been included in the GRIHA Product Catalogue under the following categories:

Lavatory Faucets

RT5A5609C0N, TR5A3050C00, RT5A4001C00, RT5A3011C00,RT5A3411C00, RT5A3C11C00, RT5A3090C00, RTRA3D90C00, RT5A3790C00, RT5A3990C00, RT5A3I09C00, RT5A3J09C00, RT5A3B09C00, RT5A3B09C0N, RT5A3C09C0N, RT5A5346C0N, RT5A5301C00, RT5A5501C00, RT5A5601C00, RT5A5701C00, RT5A5609C0N, RT5A5709C0N.


RS35945F, RT5A8102E0N+RT525165003, RT5A8102E0N+RT525165103.

Water Closets

RS346303, RS3424B3, RS346467, RS349467 ,RS34244A5, RS346997, RS342998, RS342998, RS346640, RS342616, RS34664T, RS34664L, RS346477, RS349477, RS342475, RS34273700H, RS34647L, RS34647T, RS346247, RS342785, RS349787, RS346787, RS346527, RS346508, RS346537, RA890031410

These products can be used in GRIHA & SVAGRIHA registered projects to meet the GRIHA & SVAGRIHA norms, respectively.

GRIHA Council is a joint initiative of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) to implement GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment), India’s National Rating System for Sustainable Habitats.