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Roca’s appeal for safe and environment friendly disposal

Roca cares for the environment and drives a number of green initiatives across the globe through sustainability initiatives in our manufacturing. We also are committed to the society at large and this commitment is demonstrated through our corporate social responsibility programs.

Extending our green initiatives to the users of our products, we have a special appeal to every valued customer who decides to dispose off his or her used ceramic wares.

As a green initiative, Roca recommends to its customers a safe and environment friendly method of disposal:

 a) The product which has been removed from its installation shall not be left in open at any time

 b) After removal of the used product from the bathroom, the same shall be brought to an isolated place where human activity is absent or minimal

 c) The same shall be broken into smaller pieces with utmost care with protective equipment as in “d”

 d) Ensure adequate protection for the person involved in the disposal with goggles for his/her eyes and hand gloves for hands

 e) The broken pieces shall be secured in a container and used for either re-laying of roads or for land filling after ensuring that the broken pieces are reduced to suitable sizes or powdered into fine particles by crushing the same

 f) By doing this, you have become a part of us and has contributed to our environment


Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Policy.

Roca Bathroom Products Private Limited recognizes the importance of managing Integrated Management System matters effectively as an integral part of its business activities. The company is committed to achieve stakeholder’s satisfaction in all area of its operation by establishing & maintaining an efficient and effective IMS for Quality, Environment and Health & Safety.

We shall endeavor to continually improve the performance of our Integrated Management System by :-

- Providing safe work environment, preventing injury & ill health at work place by eliminating hazards & reducing Occupational Health & Safety risks.
- Identifying and mitigating the risks and explore opportunity to improve the customer satisfaction.
- Creating awareness on Quality, Environment, and Health & Safety through training and communication among relevant stakeholder for sustainable business environment.
- Complying with relevant customer, legal & other requirement related to our operations.
- Ensuring compliance of the certified product with the relevant standard.
- Protecting the environment by minimizing impact of our activities, product and services.

K.E. Ranganathan

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